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How to Find a 5-Star Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa Bay

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If you have been charged with a crime, you may be facing a long prison sentence. Not every attorney has the qualifications and experience to handle a criminal case. You need a qualified and experienced 5-star criminal defense lawyer in Tampa to fight for your release from jail while awaiting trial and defend you after your release. Take action and defend yourself. Find the right 5-star lawyer. Hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help you relax and reduce the stress created by an arrest.

What To Look For in a 5-Star Criminal Defense Attorney

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, find the best one for your case. Look at the lawyer’s experience, skill level, knowledge and track record. A 5-star criminal defense lawyer in Tampa may be able to get you out of jail and keep you out of prison.

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  • The right attorney should be responsive
  • The right attorney should specialize in criminal law
  • The right attorney should have experience in the local courts
  • The right attorney should have a good reputation
  • The right attorney should have an honest and caring legal support staff
  • The right attorney knows the basics off the top of his head

Look for an attorney who treats his clients with respect, care and concern. Look for an attorney who takes the time to explain your options. Look for an attorney who will take the burden off of your shoulders. And most importantly, look for an attorney who will fight for your rights and get a fair resolution of your case.

Why Contact A 5-Star Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The law and rules are highly complex. It is important to act quickly and secure legal representation. An experienced 5-star criminal defense attorney in Tampa Bay will increase your chances of getting the relief you deserve. A skilled defense attorney will be able to guide you through the complicated aspects of a criminal arrest and get the best possible outcome as soon as possible.

Do You or Someone You Know Need Help with a Criminal Case?

If you or someone you know have been arrested, you are probably overwhelmed and confused as to what to do next. It is critical that you get help from an experienced 5-star criminal defense attorney in Tampa Bay. Criminal cases are complex and require the help of someone with experience.

Why Daniel J. Fernandez, P.A. is the Best Choice

If you or someone you know have been arrested in the Tampa Bay area and need help, Daniel J. Fernandez, P.A., will provide a free consultation and help guide you through the process. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Fernandez, P.A., have experience and will work vigorously to protect your rights, and in many cases, may be able to prevent unnecessary jail time. Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez is a 5-star criminal defense attorney and bilingual as well. If you or a loved one need help getting the outcome you deserve, call Tampa 5-star criminal defense Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez at (813) 229-5353.

Daniel J. Fernandez

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez defends individuals charged with a misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. With more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and hundreds of jury trials, Daniel earned tremendous accolades from judges, other lawyers, defendants, and even jurors. Daniel started his legal career as a state prosecutor and became the chief of the Narcotics division before opening his own law practice in 1985.

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